Monday, July 5, 2010

Lazy Girl! Part the Next

I am naturally a really lazy person. 

If I can put it off until tomorrow, I will put it off until next week.

If I have a deadline, I will accomplish the task required just in time... by the skin of my teeth.

Because I hate being late but will not go out of my way to ensure that I won't be late.

Make sense?

So imagine my dismay this morning when I discoverd that the only clean shorts in my closet, that would go with the T-shirt and shoes I had chosen to wear today, had no buttons on them to close them up.

I had to get out of the house to meet a friend and did not want to spend another 15 mnutes figuring out a whole new look.

Did I mention that these shorts had been without buttons for about a year?

I have a zillion buttons and a sewing machine that sews them on in about 10 seconds.

Off I go upstairs to find buttons and sew them on my shorts.

From the many black, white, grey and clear buttons I have saved over the years I chose two bright yellow ones that happened to be sitting next to my sewing machine awaiting some forgotten project.

From my extensive collection of sewing threads that encompass all hues of the natural and unnatural universe, I chose to continue using the grey thread already on the machine.

Here's how it all turned out:

This either represents the height of fashionable embellishment or the height of laziness.

I would like to think it is the former but I fear it is the latter.

Have a good week!

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