Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sick Day Knitting

I have discovered over the past week of being Typhoid Alice, that there is one thing I can do with my hands and not screw up too badly.

From the previous post you know that knitting socks is not one of them BUT knitting up projects for washing machine felting seems to be something I can do.

Knitting with 100% wool, with somewhat larger needles than normal, in simple patterns, are ideal when you are not sure if you can even see straight because the felting process corrects/hides so many mistakes.

I had a kit from Pick Up Sticks purchased at Sew Crafty a while ago and the other day I knitted it up, felted it, added a zipper and here is my new miscellaneous card case:

Not exactly as the pattern intended but it will hold a zillion cards I seem to be collecting but don't need everyday... like my Threads magazine Fabric Shopper's Companion, Drug Benefit Card, Health Benefit Card, loyalty credit cards, blood donor card, loyalty card for quilt store and on and on and on.

Even if your knitting is truly off kilter and off gaurge/tension and if you are working with pure wool it will probaly felt up into another project like this little card case.  My case turned out to be about 3 1/2" by 5 1/2"... a lot smaller that the pattern's 5" by 7" size but it works.

I hope your weekend went well and that the coming week is new beginning... or at least a new month!

Have a good one.

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