Thursday, April 1, 2010

More Done

Well, I'm not more done (still medium rare if you must know) but my quilt from the Charlotte Angotti class last autumn that was called 'Let me Suprise you...More' is done.

It only took me a couple of months to move from complaining about not having the right pieces left to complete the quilt as advertised, to having it quilted, bound, backed, washed and onto a bed.

The colors look a little washed out in the strong Texas sun that we had yesterday but, I think the photo does do justice to the glorious pink of this quilt.  I ended up bordering it only in the green trellis fabric and bound it in the stripe cut on the diagonal.

Alex and the Girls have already decided that it is a perfect nap quilt and spent several hours today giving it a test drive.

One thing that really went my way in finishing up this quilt is that I was able to use some Kona Cotton in Grass Green for the backing and it only cost me about a dollar a yard when I picked it up last summer.  I was a little surprised, that even though the fabric was from my stash and not bought to match anything, that the green actually matched one of the stripes in the binding.'ve got to love it!

Now it's my turn to try it out.


heather fish said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Kim Hood said...

Its wonderful. Hope you get lots of pleasure from it.

Anonymous said...

Just wonderful!!!! Love the border that you used....