Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Adding Insult to Injury

Its spring in Texas and that means that the pollen counts are going through the roof. One report is that the pollen counts here are the highest ever recorded here.

Generally that means that EVERYTHING is covered with a layer of chartreuse powder. This powder is supposed to be pine pollen and, even though I have lived most of my life surrounded by pines, I have never seen this stuff until I moved to Texas.

This powder gives every car a layer of dirt that just makes you want to wash your car... daily! If it rains your car can be washed for free or it can then be spotted with the fine powder.

I had just decided to wait out the season when I came out of the house the other day and saw this all over my car:

In about four hours one morning every bird in this part of the world decided to crap all over my car. Not the usual white stuff but some sort of granular brown stuff.

It was thick and sticky and did not fall off at highway speeds. I finally broke down and used a power sprayer to get most of it off the car.

The really strange thing about all this is that only my car, in my immeadiate neighborhood, seems to have been blessed with this bounty. AND it was not repeated later that day or any other day since.

I guess I was lucky.

May your luck happen in a traditional manner this spring like wonderful flowers, chirping birds and other simple peasures.

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heather fish said...

Here it is oak pollen and it is yellow and making many people miserably snuffly. Oh. And soon we will have the Love Bugs. Who fly thick through the air 2-by-2 as they have love bug um.... love... hence the name... SPLATTER their thick sticky ooey guts all the cars as you drive. Gotta love it. Not.