Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lazy Girl!

The other day I mentioned to a friend that I was going to drop off 'One Yard Hugs' to Sun Flower Quilts. Apparently I had mentioned this project to her earlier this year and she took all the flannel in her stash and made about 50 'One Yard Hugs' for this project. She dropped them off the other night for me to deliver.

Here's the lazy part... she made 50 based on my mention of this project. I, on the other hand, only made twelve.

Its nice to have inspired someone to contribute so much but I feel a lot of guilt that I made so few.

What's a 'one Yard Hug' you ask?

Basically you take one of yard of cute cotton flannel, hem or serge the edges, then donate them to a local hospital that gives them to new moms who may not have any receiving blankets for their new babies.

With cotton flannels on sale everywhere this time of year this is an inexpensive project and, if you serge the edges, it only takes about five minutes to get one done.

Please consider this project if you are ever looking to use up some stash flannels or searching for a group giving project.

The moms and babies will be greatful and your stash will thank you for the breathing room.


Jamie Mueller said...

Alice, What can I say but THANK YOU to you and your friend for all those wonderful "One Yard Hugs"!! What a blessing they are. I don't have a final count yet however it looks as though we are very close to our record from last year of over 600! We could not of done it without you! Have a Wonderfully Blessed Holiday!
Jill from SunFlower Quilts

Janetta said...

you are so silly (and funny). Just catching up on your blog today, while I feel miserable...Tanner shared some germs!