Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Art Bags

As mentioned last time I picked up some art supplies to donate to a local charity. In order to keep the bits and pieces together I made some bags to hold all the loot.

Here's one of the bags I came up with:

The fabric was from the Vogue Fabrics bargin bn at the Quilt Fetsival. Th embroidery is a standard font on my sewing machine done in varigated cotton thread from YLI. The size and shape came off the top of my head.

The weird thing about this project is that I made four bags and each turned out completely differently. Each time I went to cut into the fabric I made little changes in the size and shape of the body and the length and postioning of the handles. Because I couldn't stick to the original size, shape and handles it took me longer than planned to get these done.

Fortunately this project is completed and ready for donating tomorrow. I hope whomever gets these little art bags enjoys the contents as much as I enjoyed putting them togeher.

Now I can go onto another UFO. Unfortunately I think it will turn out to be one that will be cut up into dog bed filling as I think it is pretty ugly. I will try to salvage it but have little hope of turning it into a silk purse rather than the sow's ear it is already.

You'll just have to tune in next time to see the results.

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texanntx said...

I should have know that you were the one that made those cute bags for the toys donations!