Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Sharing

Although there were a lot of wonderful projects showcased at the Saturday ASG Neighborhood Group I attended today, this fabirc takes the prize as the most fabulous... at least in my book.

The sample I saw was in black and white. I can't seem to find a lot of this on-line but I definitely need about three yards or so of it to satusfy this fabric lust. BTW it's by Alexander Henry and it is not part of their current catalog.
While I do some more internet cruising I hope your weekend is going well and that you do not get bitten by the fabric lust bug like me.


GrandmaBarb'sCorner said...

Go to Marvel Comic/Comic Strip Fabric/Sewing,Hobbies & Crafts Fabric. I used Google. They have several kinds, I believe this one in stock. I liked the manniquens.

GrandmaBarb'sCorner said...

Ebay has it in colored fabric Sewing fabric crafts Alenader Henry Home Sewing 17 yards available 8 hours left to buy. $9.45 yd.