Sunday, November 8, 2009

Definitely a Lack of Imagination

I've always wondered how streets get named in new developments

After all, new developments are usually carved out of large tracts of land that have been purchased from one owner. After you have put together a new subdivision you get to name the streets and can pretty quickly run out of variations of the original owners name... New/Old/Smith/Farm Road/Drive/Place/Lane/Circle/Drive is pretty limiting. As long as the new names are acceptable to the postal service you can name the new streets anything you desire.

There is a small subdivision just north of my area that failed to take off for reasons I will not go into here.

After the first dozen homes were built a succession of builders came in and did some fill in building. Finally someone came in and bought all the vacant lots and, for some unknown reason, renamed all the streets.

Here's where the lack of imagination comes in...

Not only did the final owners name two streets This Way and Thay Way, they built a house where That Way turns into This Way.

Now I am all for a good joke, but it must get tiresome explaining to friends and family that your house is located at the corner of This Way and That Way.

And before you go looking for This Way and That Way on Google Maps, be aware that they are both called Right Way there.

Have a great week!


heather fish said...

That is truly terrible!

texanntx said...

I love driving through this neighborhood because it reminds me of home. Lake Jackson has streets named This Way, That Way, Circle Way, Winding Way and I am sure I have missed one or two. If you are on a 'Way Street' you are either going towards town or away from town, so if you are lost and are not finding town...turn around! :) I think a developer I graduated high school with had something to do with the street names in this neighborhood.