Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Kingwood Quilt Part 73

The group working on the quilt for the Kingwood Library had another gathering this evening to work all the blocks into a setting. The important thing here is that we had all the blocks to work with even though some still needed a little tweeking to add some definition to the subjects.
Here's how it is looking so far:

plus some details:

Each of the blocks will be surrounded with a lovely leafy brown and green batik... just as though they were laid out on the forest floor. The high quality of the workmanship is amazing and the variety of the blocks submitted is extremely creative. There will be a bunch of little nine patch blocks and other pieced blocks scattered throughtout the quilt to fill-in any gaps where necessary.

I think this quilt (for the Library), and it's twin sister (which will be auctioned for the benefit of the Guild), are going to bring a smile to the face of everyone who sees them.

There are a lot of stories in this quilt and all the difficulties people have had putting their blocks together. I do not need to go into my trials with the spider or the cicada again. While I was bemoaning the garbage pail full of cicada scraps another block maker confided to me that she had spent $42.00 collecting and experimenting with materials for her dragonfly block. Since she made two fo them I guess this makes this bccok the $21.00 dragonfly... and worth every penny of it!
I hope your week has been going well. I am looking forward to even more rain here, this time from a Pacific hurricane rather than from the Gulf, which we had today. Autumn here can become a sea of mud as the hurricane season winds down. With it so wet so frequently it does is give me an excuse not to mow the grass in the backyard and Kelis more excuses to dig holes under the fence.

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