Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why Our Dogs go on Walks

I was out walking Alex and the Girls the other evening and asked them why they like to go walking. Here is what they told me... as best as I can remember.

Alex said:

Of course I like to go walking. Here I am, right out in front of this glorious bunch of Babes. Heck, even our pack leader Alice follows behind me knowing I will protect them from every stray leaf, garbage can and scrap of paper that happens to come into our path. There's one right now. See how I carefully approach it. I sniff it thoroughly to ascertain the threat level. Having determined its evil intentions I know I have to protect the others. I immeadiatey take action, raise my rear right leg and drown it in my lethal stream. Another danger averted! Then I take my rightful place in front , ever alert to danger. I am Alex! Take that evil leaves! On to the next threat. I think I see a dead bit of grass up ahead by that mail box. Let's check it out before it can hurt you!

Kimora said:

That Alex is such a kidder. Of course we like going for walks but he is protecting us from nothing. Leaves, garbage cans and scraps of paper have nothing to do with walking. We walk so everyone can admire my beautiful black and grey dapple coat. The reason he goes first is to make sure everyone knows we are coming so suitable crowds can gather on the side of the road or path to quietly play homage to my regal beauty. The giving of treats like Greenies(TM) or softly calling 'Good Girl' are both acceptable ways of showing admiration. Of course, it hasn't happened yet, but it will, some day, I am sure of it. Until then I will walk with the wise Alice who does give treats and call me a 'Good Girl' until the rest of the world aknowledges my superior beauty and regal bearing.

Kelis said:

Those two are full of it. Alex goes first because no-one else can be bothered and my sister is just too stupid to do anything but try to catch up. I, on the other hand, do not like to take walks. The only reason I take walks is because I have to take walks. I always lag behind that task master Alice. She insists that I wear that harness thingy even though I roll over on my back showing my cute tummy, almost every time she tries to take us for a walk, hoping that she will not make me wear it. But every time she rolls me over on my feet and cinches it tight so that it doesn't come off. The ultimate indignity is that she will drag or carry me if I do not walk. Dragging hurts my tender feet and if Alice carries me then all the other dogs (especially that dork Alex) laugh at me. So yes, I do take walks. After all, I don't need walks when I spend most of the day patrolling the back yard looking for places to dig under the fence so I can play in the creek or explore the other backyards in the neighborhood. Oops! Forget that part. I never dig under the fence. Nope, never ever, not even this afternoon into Joe's yard. Not me. Definitely some other ten pound black and tan Dachshund with lots of dirt under her nails.

So that's it. Human's walk dogs in part so that they know their way home while dogs walk for many different reasons.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

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