Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sweet Sadie's

Since the big annoucement that the long awaited restaurant was opening on September 2 I have been learning a of things that I didn't know before... and these are things I didn't realy want to know either.... like:
  • how to install toilet paper in those big two roll industrial toliet paper holders
  • how to add nasty pink lotion soap to soap dispensers
  • how many cleaners you can come up with in your own home to contribute to the cause of construction clean-up
  • how much your adopted son inherited from your ex-husband in terms of the ability to keep good, clear financial records
  • dogs do not like being confined in an office with a mad woman trying to balance the books and manage the inventory
  • electricians can fall off their ladders in shock when the aforementioned mad woman turns the air blue with many, many curse words when they turn off the power for the the third time without warning while the mad woman is trying to back up her data.

Although the official opening will probably be put off for another week due to more inspections needed, there will be a lot fo free food and cooking experiments tomorrow for friends and family. If you wander by 2200 Spears Road and would like to eat, please stop by. I promise not to be a mad woman or to turn the air blue with curses.

I may even have pictures.

I am really missing my sewing time!


heather fish said...

I wish I lived closer... I would SOOOOO stop by!!!! Post some pictures!

desmond craig scott said...

this is the one on spears n tc jestr the brand new strip mall????? i really wanna job but idk how to go about getting it