Saturday, September 5, 2009

Iraqi Bundles of Love

There is a quick project going on that everyone out there can participate in but you need to do something by end of day Spetember 8, 2009. That's this Tuesday so read on for some details.

Its called Iraqi Bundles of Love and being organized by a Major in the Army to gather sewing related supplies for Iraqi women. The IBOL website gives lots of details but the basics are these.

Go to the post office and get a fixed rate post office box. The mailing cost is $11.95 for the military and $13.95 for standard domestic service for the same box. You will also need to get one of the white six part custom forms. Bring the box home, line it with fabric, fill it with stuff, fold the fabirc around the stuff it to make a bundle, tie it all up with ribbon or string, seal it up in the box and send it to: ALL DONE - ADDRESS DELETED

You must have this all done by the time the mail is picked up in your area on Tuesday. After that you risk having your package returned as the Major will be rotating out of Iraq soon.

Some friends and I are gathering Tuesday morning to stuff some boxes for this project at a local Starbucks if you would like to join us.

Or just go to the post office and get yourself a box and fill it up with some of your stuff. Most post offices have the boxes available on the counters even if the windows are closed. Then Tuesday you can take it to a window and finish up your transaction with the right postage and customs forms.

What a great way to pass on some excess supplies and help some women on the other side of the world put their world back together.

Won't you help?

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IBOL Guy said...

Could you edit this entry, and remove the actual address? I'd hate for someone to stumble on this after the deadline, and try to mail a bundle when IBOL is over and I've left Iraq to go home.