Monday, September 14, 2009

CRAFT: along 2009

One of the Craft:along projects for September was a little carrier for plastic doggie poop bags. It's a cute little project and I made one for Alex and the Girls. In general, I don't need to scoop up their leavings as the Girls usually will only use the back yard and Alex will only use the woods. Once in a while, they will embarass me and all three will use someone's yard or the public paths so a plastic bag carrier is useful.

Here is the link to the pattern.

And here is what I came up with:

I do not attach it to anyone's collar as Alex and the Girls wear their collars all the time so I attached it to Kelis's leash. I also use a VERY large plastic bag as when all three of them decide to do their thing in the wrong place it seems they choose three seperate places so I need a bag I can tie off three times.

The other projects for the month include 'how to cover a canvas tote' and a'fruit buckle' recipe. The recipe sounds good but a little labor intensive for me. As to the other sewing project... I gave away all of my canvas promotional totes after Katrina (so people would have something to carry their meager belongings in) and have not picked up any since so this will be a pass fo me as well.

I wonder what October will bring?

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African Kelli said...

Super cute! Did you have a hard time with the velcro?