Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dogs on Thursday...

On Wednesday.

So I'm early by one day, for once. Don't know how that happened but the stars were aligned correctly in the sky and I just had to share this before I accidently erased the pics from my camera.

Once a year Alex and the Girls go to the Vet for their annual shots and examinations. Alex goes in June and the Girls in August.

They actually all go to the appointmemts but just the scheduled ones get the full treatment. The Girls had theirs last week and passed with flying colors. Because of thier sensitivities vis-a-vis the many vaccines they are required to have, the rabies shots has been postponed for three weeks. Both the Girls have had muscle and skin damage from previous Rabies shots and I hope we can avoid that by spacing them out from the other shots.

Any way, I like for them all to get new colllars concurrent with their annual exams. As I am fed up with Alex's inability to enter a pet store without making a grab for a toy that he will destroy in about 20 mintues I decided to go on my own to find new collars. In two out of three cases I think I made good choices.

Here's is Alex's new, celtic knot patterned, ribbon covered, collar:

Kimora's new, cute, bone patterned, riboon covered, collar:
and here's Kelis's old, ratty red collar.

Ooops! Fatso Kelis (she had gained two ounces since last year's weigh-in when she was already 6 ounces over weight) didn't fit into the little red collar I had purchased for her that I was going to cover with some cute floral ribbon. Her neck is just too thick! I'll have to get her the next larger size.

As a consolation prize, I made them all new leashes and added the little bit of the cute floral ribbon I had for Kelis's collar to her leash. At least now I can distinquish her leash and attached red harness from Kimora's leash and red harness. If you like the idea of making your own leashes, just take the hardware off of your old leash and sew on new nylon webbing like that sold at J. Caroline Creative on sale for $25.00 for 50+ yards!While I was buying collars I also picked up the jumbo box of Teenie Greenies, thier favorite treat that I don't eat. Their other favorites are leftover cereal milk and peanut butter. I also picked up a package of Bully Bones. Bully Bones are supposed to be better for your dogs than rawhide treats. Alex and the Girls love them and they are the one long lasting chew thingy that all three will actually chew without getting into fights. I am a bit sqeamish about them as I have been told they are the part of the bull that make a bull a bull. Ewww! On the other hand, ... well, I'll just let you use your imagination with this additional fact... I am divorced. Okay?
Here's Alex enjoying his Bully Bone on the stairs earlier today. I hope your week has been going well. For those Mom's who are on the road today delivering thier children to college for the first time please remember this ... DO NOT turn the kid's bedroom into a spa until they are into their third year at college, at the earliest. Just a word to the wise.
NOTE: Update on Encore Purse Insert Below.


Sue said...

Thanks for the link for webbing, but how do you fasten the hardware on? I think I'd need a commercial sewing machine to sew thru the webbing.

Serendipity said...

Nice collars and a very cute dog!

Tina. said...

Actually I would wait till they graduate college and have a place of their own! BTW, the collars are lovely and I like the idea for the leashs. The pups sure look like they are enjoying all their treats!

dogquilter said...

they look lovely in their new finery!!

Nichole said...

Snazzy new collars!