Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cool Ties - Coming Together

One day last week several intrepid sewers met at the Community Room of the Bunker Hill HEB grocery store. Our goal was to fill with crystals and sew-up the final seam on the Cool Ties we had on hand. Altogther we finished up 372 Cool Ties for local Houstonians. I'm proud to say that just over one third of the unfinished ties available came from our little Kingwood sew-in from July 18th.

I'm not sure about the details of how these will be distributed but the need, in Houston alone, is estimated to be about 64,000 potential recipients.

Does that number blow your mind as much as it does mine?

What we finished is barely a drop in the ocean compared to the estimated need but a walk of a thousand miles starts with one step and we have certainly started that journey.

The City of Houston. represented by the beautiful Angela, came by and prepared this photo collage to advertise our efforts.

So far a local church sewing gorup, the Houston Area Fiber Artists group, the local American Sewing Guild Chapter, members of the Kingwood Area Quilt Guild and many individuals have contributed to this effort. I hope we can finish off this project for this year and make it a part of an annual process. Maybe, some day, we will be able to make enough to fill the local need... but then again, wouldn't it be nice to find out that there is no need.

I hope your week is going well. One hundred degress plus weather here is getting a little wearisome... so much so that I dread being out and about after about 9:00 AM. After that it's brutal to get into your car when its been parked some place without shade. Makes me start sweating just to think about it!

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