Saturday, June 20, 2009

Socks 6 & 7

A few days ago I finished my third full pair of socks, which, if you have been keeping count, are socks 6 & 7. I tried to count all the rows on this pair so I would have more success in keeping them exactly the same length. It was almost perfect except that one of them ended up a little short in the foot.

Aren't they cute!

The yarn is Smooshy Sock Yarn from Dream in Color Yarns in the color Pansy Go Lightly. Its pure merino super wash wool. I have already washed them once and one I put in the dryer while the other dried laid flat, as in the instructions. They both turned out a little fuzzy but feel great so the difference in drying method really didn't make a difference.

I did discover during the making up of sock 7 that I have been messing up in the decreases needed before starting the foot part of the sock. There are some decreases that need to be made every other row while I have been making them every row. I am now about half way though another pair of socks and I hope I can actually complete two whole socks as instucted in the pattern.

And the great sock adventure continues. Stay tuned!

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