Thursday, May 21, 2009

Schlepp Bag Redux

A couple of months ago I worked with a bunch of fellow quilters on a Saturday making Schlepp Bags and the 22 square bag. (if you don't remember, here is the post.) I love this bag and I am now working on making several for the Knitting Clib kids to carry their bigger projects and to take home supplies for the summer. One of the participants has taken the Schlepp Bag concept to a whole new level. Not only has she make one for herself, she also made one for her sister, one for her sister's daughter-in-law and for her sister's two year-old grand-daughter.

Are they not wonderful!

Thanks to the incredble Miss Joyce for sharing this picture with me ... I think I created a monster!

The other bag we worked on, made out of 22 squares of fabric, has become a bit of a celebrity as well. Not through any help from me, one of the Houston quilt guilds is offering a class on it later this summer. I heard about it at an Idea Saturday session at Sunfower Quilts last weekend and was a little shocked when one of the attendees presented her bag without attribution to the original magazine article or to anyone who had popularised it locally. I guess I should not be surprised, maybe she didn't know the origin of the bag, but I do fault the teacher for not giving credit where credit is due. Judy, even if others don't know it, I credit you with bringing us this wonderful bag from the Australian Patchwork magazine.

Now to get ready for the long Memorial Day Weekend. I am planning on piecing a quilt top that I purchased at the American Sewing Guild garage sale back in February and making knitting bags for the kids. I might just finish the yard work I have been doing for the past fews weeks and, if I can find where Alex hid the camera, I will post pictures of the results of all my hard work.

Have a great weekend!

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