Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Laughable Feathers

I love the quilting pattern called feathers. They are so delicate and fill the spaces on qults quite beautifully. A teacher came through here a while ago and spent two days teaching others how to machine quilt feather designs. Here is a link to some beautiful examples.

As you can see the designs are versatile and look great on plain fabrics where the designs really show thorugh.

I decided to practice some free form feathers on a quilt I made a couple of weeks ago. This was a Charlotte Angotti kit I had hanging out here for a few years with a couple of blocks completed and nothing else done.

Don't my feathers look great!

What? You say you can't see the feathers? How about this shot?

Be glad that the densely patterned and pieced quilt top does not allow the feathers to show because most of them were awful. I did get a lot of practiceand feel confident I can actually quilt feathers the next time the spirit moves me.

Lesson learned: If you want to practice a particular quilting design on a finished quilt top, try it out on a heavily pattern fabric area or heavily pieced area until you are confident you can do the quilting pattern. You'll get lots of practice, a quilt top will get quilted and no-one will laugh at your feathers.

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