Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thread Disaster

When I sew I use a large spool of thread on a stand next to my sewing machine. These spools have more than 1,000 yards of thread of them and don't fit on the standard machine spindles. Yesterday I was quilting a small quilt and unthreaded the big spool of thread and started using a standard size spool of thread. After about an hour of quilting the big spool of thread fell on the carpet. When I went to pick it up I saw that it had a lot less thread on it than it had before. Here is what the missing thread looked like after I had taken it off the hand wheel on the end of the machine:

The loose end of the thread got caught up on this, the hand wheel:
There are still a few threads caught up in the wheel but I seem to be sewing just fine. Ihope this doesn't happen again as it took a long time to get the thread off the hand wheel and I hate wasting that much thread... then again some people might say that I waste thread every time I sew :-).

Update: A friend told me she has done this a couple of times and needed to take her machine to the repair shop to get all the thread off the hand wheel. I guess I lucky just to lose a few hundred yards of thread.

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