Friday, April 10, 2009

Recharging Station

The other day I received two new chests of drawers for my bedroom to act as night tables. I had been using one of those pressed board round tables and a table we used for eating in the kitchen from when I was first married. I have been looking for something besides the typical small bedside tables because I have a lot of stuff next to my bed. Typically I have a tissue box, the Chumby, a lamp, a beverage, a bucket for nail clippers, lotion, inhalers and other bits, a book, my glasses and the waste basket. I found two on clearance at Pottery Barn from this collection.
Anyway, I realized that one of the dressers would be a great place for a recharging station. I did not like all the wires hanging around just to fall behind one of the chests and I did not want to make this a big production so this is what I came up with:
Using industrial strength Velco, from my stash, which has a stcky back, I put the rough side on the back of the drawers, attached the soft side to a piece of white poster board and secured the wires between the two layers. By using Velcro I should be able to easily swap out chargers if I need to at a future date. Now my rechargers are always available without looking too messy. I plugged the cords into an old power strip which is hidden below the drawers and plugged it into an outlet that is controlled from a light switch. Apparently, if you leave your charger plugged in all the time, even if not attached to the thing that needs charging, there is a small usage of electricity. Now I only turn on that plug while I am charging something.

Here's what the chest looks like from the front with the wires just peeking over the back edge:

Not a fancy like this solution but definitely works for me.

A no cost solution to a messy problem.
Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! You are so creative! I am so lucky to count you as one of my friends!

Lady Lindsey said...

The Painting Granny sees roses and other flowers with lots of leaves and vines coming up the front on this piece of furniture. Something else for you to do.