Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Not So Gainful Anymore

The Arts and Crafts Club has only one more meeting and for that we will be going to the Houston Center for Contempory Craft. There will be two adults with 20 budding crafters at the center for about an hour. I don't think anything will go wrong and it will be fun to be with the kids outside of school. I'm actually getting nostalgic about the club and our weekly creativity sessions. There will be alot of stuff left over and I will be donating it to a local charity that works with homeless kids. I wish I could see what they can come up with with the ton of supplies that have been donated to the club. Of course, I won't be colllecting my teeny tiny paycheck after next week but, then again, I spent most of it on supplies so my pocketbook really won't notice the change.

My attempt at teaching at a local quilt shop has also come to an end after two classes. Although I like teaching others the history of the Bog Coat and helping them create their personalized patterns, I really don't have the skills to teach others how to sew one up. After the first hour of the class on the stuff I like, we were then spending two more hours constructing the coat. I found I do not have that innate ability to notice when a student is in trouble so those lost as to the next step probably felt abandoned. In addition, I think it would have been best to give the students the first part of the class before they actually bought fabric. In every case, the students had purchased more fabric than they needed AND it was all quilting cottons sold by the store. Quilting cottons are not the best fabric for this kind of garment so, again, I failed my students by promoting an unsuitable fabric. My pocketbook will be emptier but I will stop feeling guilty about the fabric issue.

I really should be looking for 'regular' employment but I just can't wrap my head around the forty hours a week grind... yet! Until I get desperate or the stock market disappears, I'll continue trolling for minor empoyment and enjoy it while I can.

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Anonymous said...

I think you are a fantastic teacher! (but you knew that!)