Friday, April 17, 2009

It was a dark and stormy night....

... and all the little crafty types were busily making quilts, fitting garments, assembling collages and, in general, being creative . With two days of storms predicted, it would be a great space of time to create since errand running and/or yard work would be impossible.

Not me though.

My plans included finishing a quilt top, making table runners and finishing off a new bog coat.

All that went out the window when I realized that I had make a huge mistake in finishing off a sweater I had been knitting. The sweater was knit in two pieces - one for the left side and one for the right side from this pattern. Before adding borders, eadging and a button strip, you join the two backs together with the kitchener stitch... a wonderfully beautiful finish that makes the two edges join invisibly.

To complete it correctly you align the two wrong sides together and spend a couple of hours joining the halves.

I followed the instructions perfectly and made a wonderfully invisible join.

Then I went try it on.

I had joined the sweater so that the neckline of the left side of the sweater was joined to the bottom of the right side of the jacket and visa versa.

I would show you a picture but the camera is missing again. (Alex?)

Now I am off to unjoin my perfectly invisble join and re-do the sweater back joining.

Creative, right!?!

May you weekend begin and end on a better note than mine will.

Maybe I should hope for flooded streets and evacuation by handsome muscular young men... one can only hope!

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