Saturday, March 28, 2009

Crafty Kids

On Wednesday, the Arts and Crafts Club at YesPrep's North Central Campus played with fabric dyes and such to decorate silk pillow cases. I took a few photos but they really don't show the intensity of their creativity or the noise level that accompanied their work. Here's a peek at what we did:

They always seem to bunch up in little groups.

Mad chemistry going on with the silk dyes.

These four decided to rinse out their creations at the same time.

A work in progress.

Two of my 'bin boys'. I always give the kids the option of not doing the project of the day and working with anything they find in the huge bin of supplies I cart to each class. The boy on his knees is on his fourth attempt at making a durable bracelet for his Mom using glue, felt and glass stones. What I did not get a picture of is the final results of all their work. I bought some pillow forms that were slightly smaller that the actual size of the donated pillow cases. Instead of making the cases smaller they removed the covering on the pillow forms to use the stuffing loose in the pillows. Of course, a couple of them wanted to have a pillow fight to see if they could break open the pillows and have the stuffing fly around the room. I stopped that idea but I wonder if any buses ended up with a lot of fluff in them from pillow fights on the way home.

I hope not!

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