Friday, February 20, 2009


Whatever activity I am involved with I like to have all the accessories. If I am quilting I like to have all the rulers and cutters available... and not just in one size but every size I could possibly need. Not that I can find them when I need them but I like having them.

Knitting is just a bad as quilting. I have a pretty full range of circular knitting needles and my supply of double pointed ones seems enormous. Imagaine my joy and surprise today when a friend that I am helping to knit handed my a set of stitch markers with little Dachshunds hanging off of them. They came from the Etsy Shop called Better Bead It Designs and are very cute.

What do you thnk?
(I just realized that they look like they are sniffing each others' butts... a typical Dachshund activity.)

I'm off to put them to good use this weekend on my next sock project as well as having fun running down to the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston for their loading dock sale. Have a good weekend!

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Sue said...

Those are very cute. I know just what you mean about having the tool available. I hate to get started then have to stop and go find something I need.