Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Freebie Joy

At the ASG sewing retreat I picked up a pattern with the fabric already cut out. The pattern was Vogue V7854 and looks very much like an updated Nehru Jacket. The fact that it was already cut out seemed like a real bonus. AND it was free for the taking so how could I resist?

Last night and part of this morning I made it up all the while anticipating that it would probably be too small for me. I figured I could get someone else to try it on so I could see how it looked on a real body. It is quite slim fitting with the lack of ease in the pattern offset by side slits.

It was a pretty easy sew and I took it to the Bee Charitable meeting this morning to have different people try it on. It turned out that it fit several of the women there and it even fit me. I decided that I didn't really like the fabric as it hid the nice design details and when one of the women expressed an interest in having it I gave it to her.

I'm thrilled that I now have a preview of how it will look on me (need to fix the shoulder slope) and the recipient was even more thrilled to get a new garment! I didn't finish it off with a closure so I hope she has fun working out how to do that.

Here is a shot of the pattern with a swatch of the fabric. I don't have a shot of the garment as I forgot to take one. (I made View B)
Freebie joy all around... what could be better that that on a gloomy day in Texas?

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