Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Crazy .... Again

I'm crazy for Crazy Nine Patch quilts. The fabrics don't matter, seam allowances don't matter and the final size is completely up to you. All these things could matter but good results can be had even if the fabrics are ugly and your seam allowances are huge. Unless the final size is an issue, this is the quilt pattern for you. I just finished up three tops last night and here are my results:

For these tops, which are about 36" x 48", I started with twelve 12" squares of fabric. When I was done I ended up with twelve 9 1/2" squares all pieced and ready to join into a top. The borders are about five inches wide. There are many places on the internet to get instructions but this is a good one and so is this ....both of these are more controlled in their fabric choices than the random donated fabrics used in my examples.

I put these tops together for the Inter-faith Quilting Bee. Two of them will be quilted now and one has gone out to be used as an example of how these quilts can be made.
If find yourself with a variety of fabrics left over from other projects with or without a unifying element, try a Crazy Nine Patch for a fun untility quilt.

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heather fish said...

I made my daughter a 9-patch quilt in pinks & purple batiks last year for her new "big girl" double-sized bed. It turned out quite nicely and went together quickly - a must for a busy mama!