Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Knit Bits

The middle school Knitting Club is still in full swing with variable attendence... some days about 15, other days about 6. These kids show lots of enthusiasm for finger knitting and one of the boys has already made about 20 feet of white wooly finger kniting. What s finger kntting you say? It is what you do when you have run out of needles and need something for the kids to do. The only other solution is to have them knit on chop sticks.

Yes, that's right, chop sticks. Chop sticks with narrow to sharp tips are a great thing to use when you run out of official knitting needles and are great for small projects. One project that we have been workng on for the last couple of weeks is book marks for the school library. Very simple knitting... cast on 18 stitches, knit 8 rows, bind off and then finish it off with the tails pulled to one end of the knitting and tied in a knot for a tail.

Here is a shot of the over 40 we have done:

Officially you are supposed to worsted weight yarn, size eight needles and eight inch tails but when you have limited supplies you use what you have.

Now, If I could only get them to learn purl stitches we would be making good progress!

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