Monday, January 26, 2009

I'd kill him if.....

... he didn't feel so rotten. Alex apparently spent most of the night vomiting and pooping blood in the bathroom. He has either contracted plain old pancreatitis (aka the 'French Fry' disease) or has eaten something that has scratched/cut-up his intestinal tract. I'm voting for the latter as yesterday he destroyed a little Wizard of Oz figure fom McDonalds. I thought I had found all the little hard bits of plastic but its difficult to determine if I did since most of the pieces were chewed beyond recognition.

He has spent the day at the vet's being treated with lots of pain killers, IV fluids, IV anti-biotics and stuff to coat his stomach. They took two different sets of x-rays but even the one they took with his belly distended by air did not show anything stuck in his gut. That's the good news. The bad news is that they are going to keep him all night and most of tomorrow. They will try a little soft food tomorrow at about noon and if he handles it well he may come home tomorrow evening.

Our regular vet is out on maternity leave so he had to be seen by the older male vet that Alex hates. His first real reaction to anything today was when the vet entered the exam room and Alex growled at him. The vet took this as a good sign and I must admit that I was happy to see him being his old self. Just a little while ago most of the sedation had worn off and he tried to snap at a vet tech who was taking his temperature. He did lick her hand when she was done so all is right with the world. They haven't had to muzzle him to get their work done which is good as he hates being restrained like that. They may sedate him this evening to keep his stress levels down ... I wonder it they have any for anxious owners?

Just to cap off a truly crappy day I put my cell phone in the washing machine today and now its not working. One of the web sites suggested drying it out slowly under a light bulb. The moisture under the screen seems to be getting smaller but it still might not work. Oh well, I really don't need it when I am spending all my time cleaning up Alex's fluids from the bathroom and one of my closets.

I hope your week has started out better than mine.


heather fish said...

Yikes - how awful. Hope your puppy is feeling better soon and your cell phone working again also!

Sue said...

I hope Alex is feeling better soon and that both of you can relax together and de-stress. It's so hard having a sick dog. It makes us feel so helpless. My pack is sending happy thoughts to you both.