Thursday, December 11, 2008

A winter walk

I got them all dressed up this morning for their walk although, I must admit, that I waited until the sun was up before venturing out. The Girls were not hindered by their coats and performed admirably. Alex, on the other hand, decided that wearing a sweater was just not manly enough for him and finally refused to move until I removed the offending garment.

Winter cuteness -
Winter misery -
The Girls in their Sunday Best - And although Ike was over three months ago this sight is not uncommon in my area.


Anonymous said...

All of your little dogs look so cute all dressed up in their winter garb. So sweet.... I bet everyone stops to chat when you take them out. Happy DOT!

imjacobsmom said...

What cute sweaters. My dog is supposed to be a "miniature" schnauzer but he kept on growing and growing and now he is the size of a standard. I am having trouble finding him a sweater. I may have to knit one. ~ Robyn