Sunday, December 21, 2008

Quick gift Idea

Kumihimo is a Japanese style of braiding. In general you take a circle or rectangle of some rigid material, with a hole in the middle and weave thread through the middle to make a cord. For about $100.00 you get a fancy set-up and create beautiful braids. OR for about $4.00 you can buy a kit for kids and get a similar result. I took the cheap way out when I saw the kits at Texas Art Supply the other day. In about an hour and a half I produced this:
I did make an error at some point so my yellow diamonds became a little wonky but misson accomplished. I now understand, at least a little, why this is such a mezmerising activity. I also think this is a great kit for a gift that can be used for many months by a young crafter. Now that I have the basic technique down I know I am going to try other colors in this pattern and other weaving patterns. Maybe use more strings, different kinds of string, different weaves .. the possibilities seem endless.

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