Saturday, December 20, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Today I had the distinct pleasure of delivering a wole trunk load of kid suitable craft supplies to Sew Crafty Houston so that the Mothers and Daughters Craft Club could create craft kits for the Star of Hope Mission. Sarah, the owner, thinks the stuff I brought doubled what they had already collected. The kits are being made up on Monday and I am sure the kits will be much used by the kids.

The neatest part about all this is that this project was dreamed up by the kids in the club. They wanted to do something for the homeless kids and, since they are way too young to volunteer their services (aged 6 - 8 years old) the kits were what they decided to do.

What a great idea! I am scheming with some folk out here in Kingwood to provide a similar service to the kids at the battered women's shelter or to other organizations helping displaced families locally. If we can properly assess the need I hope we can make this a regular project. My concept is to take orphan quilt blocks and/or other stash fabrics and make tote bags for the kids, fill them up with craft supplies and a quilt. I think most kids would enjoy having such stuff during a dificult time.

I'll let you know if this all works out. Wish me luck!

And for those of my friends up North... so sorry about the snow but you can be a little grateful that its a weekend so you can fully enjoy it!


mamalife said...

What a wonderful idea!!!

Sarah said...

Thank you so much Alice! The kids are going to be so thrilled!