Wednesday, December 10, 2008

OMG! It's snowing!

I've been visiting or living in Houston for almost a decade and have never seen or heard of it snowing here before BUT tonight all bets are off. It's snowing and bridges are icing over. Schools may be closing in the morning and dogs definitely do not want to go walking.

I know, I know... my northern friends think this is a little bit dramatic for an inch or less of snow but there are certain home truths here that make the area incredibly unprepared for freezing temperatures and snow.

First of all, no community around here has salt to combat ice on the roads. They use sand for traction. Although most of the major bridges here are already iced over, sand will not be applied until 3 or 4 am in preparation for the morning drive time.

Secondly, no-one has the proper clothing unless they have been north recently or have recently arrived from the north. Boots are fashion statements, not for traction, and long wool coats are practically unheard of in the stores. I was at a meeting this morning when it just sleeting out and I felt very odd wearing a long coat while everyone else was in waterproof jackets.

Thirdly, some homes here don't have central heating. There has already been one fatal house fire from someone using their oven for heat. Eighteen month old twins died and I fear there will be more deaths before this cold snap is over.

Fourthly, the dogs have never seen snow. They were completely flabbergasted when I took them out for a walk before bed this evening. Even though the girls had on their coats and Alex had on a sweater the girls would not squat and Alex would not lift his leg.....not to put too fine a point on it. I have been patrolling the house looking for evidence of ....let's just say that I have found some and have carefully cleaned it all up.

I hope it melts quickly in the morning as I have a lot driving to do.

Here are a few pictures of what it looks like here:
Now stop laughing at us unprepared Southerners and our cowardly dogs. Please note that it was colder in Houston this evening than it was in New York City.


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Hi from Houston where it snowed Wednesday evening and I posted pics on my blog.