Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Best Darn Glue

The other day when I was in Texas Art Supply I was looking for a great glue to repair a paper fan that had ripped. Yes, I have lots of glue in the house but I think what I had would have changed the look of the paper. I did not want it to wrinkle the paper, make it shiny or add any lumps. I saw Nori glue and thought to give it a try. What a revelation! It dried invisibly and did not change the look of the fan at all. Of course it could not replace the paper that had come off but it did a nice job.

Here are the results:

The other thing that is great about this glue is that Alex decided that it would be a great toy. Even though his jaws were completely locked on the bottle it did not break. That is a great bottle of glue.

The fan, you ask? It was part of a grab bag exchange at one of the sewing guild parties I went to in th last couple of weeks. It was created by the incredible Carol Watson and came with a dozen Japanese head wraps. The ones I received are about 14" wide and 36" long, white cotton with script or figures printed on them. I still don't know if I will just make them into tea towels or use them in some project. The possibilities are endless!

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