Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nap Time

When I am working at the sewing machine or on the laptop, I really, really hate the puppies trying to get into my lap to lick my face or curl up in my crotch. I really, really like when they find a place to curl up nearby that does not mean I have to watch where I am rolling/stepping. I have come up with one solution for when I am working on the laptop.

Instead of hoping they will find a place to perch I gave them a place to perch near the desk. I took about half a towel from a previous project, serged the open ends closed except for about four inches on one side. Filled the whole thing with scraps I was saving for shelter dog beds, sewed up the gap and Volia! my puppies have a place to hang out when I am on the laptop. Check it out:
There is just one problem, there is a period of about twenty mintues of 'king of the mountain' type activity before they settle down. In the picture above I have no idea who won the battle as they kept changing places every half hour or so.
I must apologize to the shelter dogs, but I need my scraps for my own use right now. Next batch is yours - promise!


dogquilter said...

Great idea!! They are so cute there sharing too.

Serendipity said...

Aaww...they look so comfy there! Great place to chill out!