Monday, November 3, 2008

Jenny vs. Jennie

At Quilt Festival this past week there were classes by two of the quilt world's quilting divas Jenny Raymond and Jennie Rayment. Both taught bag making classes and a friend took classes from both of them. I have taken classes from both of them in the past but I keep getting their names mixed up.

I took a Jenny Raymond class a couple of years ago that concentrated on machine applique and thread painting. I don't remember most of the class work as it seems we spent a lot of time hearing about her study trip to Holland that inspired the quilt we were going to learn. In addition, she showed off her ribbon scarf made with ribbon and water souble stabilizer. I believe I bagged the class.

My friend took a class from her on the Easy on the Back Pack. I had made this pattern a couple of times in the past and had judged it the worst pattern I had ever worked with except for Amy Butler's patterns. Instead of too much information like Amy, Jenny left out a pattern piece and her instructions made no sense to me. My friend bagged the class as well after Jenny spent a lot of time showing everyone photos of her studio and a DVD that confused them even more. I believe the comment that really made her leave was ' I don't understand why you don't get this when its perfectly clear to me.'. Never take a class from her.

On the other hand, Jennie Rayment is a wonderful teacher. She is mainly known for her manipulated muslin items. The bag she taught was incredibly simple but incredibly useful. The class was laughing out loud most fo the time and most of them walked out with a finished project. Unlike most of her projects, this one did not include any twiddles, fiddles, folds or tucks just simple thread embellishment and a novel construction technique. I took one of the fabric manipulation classes in the past and also thoroughly enjoyed myself. Do not be confused, if Jennie Rayment is offering a class in your area, take it.

To be perfectly honest, Jenny Raymond is a multipule year entrant in the fashion show at the Quilt Festival and made a beautiful garment this year that won the viewers' choice award. It was truly lovely. Once again a wonderful designer/sewer does not always make a good teacher/pattern maker.

Fore-warned is fore-armed.

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