Thursday, October 9, 2008

When the going gets tough....

The tough go shopping!

Like most of the world I am very worried about the changes in our financial infrastructure, however I will not bore you with my analysis of how we got here. Instead of agonizing over it I went shopping. Yep, stupid me decided that I needed a new suitcase. I have large ones, extra large ones and small ones but nothing in between. I stopped at Stein Mart to see if they had any, well prepared to spend $100.00 on one because a friend had just purchased a similar sized case for that the price earlier in the week at another store. I found the perfect size in a tapestry covered bag by Liz Claiborne and right on the money pricewise.

Because I was there I decided to stop in and look at the clearance shoes. I immeadiately fell in love with a couple of pair and, as they were 50% off the clearance price I felt only a little guilty buying more shoes. I also stopped and picked up a wallet as a present for a friend at 30% off the lowest price marked on ticket.

I got to the cash register expecting to hand over about $150.00 for my purchases. When the clerk asked for only $88.00 (pre-tax) I was sure she had miscalculated. Nope, my $100.00 suitcase came out to only $50.00, the shoes at $15.00 for each pair and the wallet a paltry $8.00. Talk about bargain shopping!

(pictures will come later, Alex has stolen the camera (again!))

The best part was, when I got home I discovered that the puppies had been shopping in my closet and destroyed one shoe from each of four different pairs. Now my conscience is clear. Not only did I give the economy a little boost but I really did need shoes...I just didn't know it at the time.

Even in hard times there is always a sale out there calling to you so indulge a little and let the pundits moan the economy.

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