Saturday, October 4, 2008

UFO # 13

My younger brother's recruiter in South Korea is now the proud father of a bouncing baby girl. I don't know all the details but she is very sweet looking.

Don't know why she is wearing blue but she really is a she. My brother asked me to make a quilt for her which I was glad to do. My thought was to make something all pink and girly with ruffles and bows that would be cherished for generations. Then reality struck. Fancy, heirloom stuff is all good but real babies tend to have lots of stuff squiting out of them meaning that anything they come near needs to be washed frequently. In addition, much of the squirty stuff tends to stain whatever it lands on. Back to the drawing board and the stash. I finally remembered a kit I had bought quite a few years ago all in pastel flannels. It looked pretty stain friendly and should be nice and soft. So, killing two birds with one stone (gift quilt and UFO busting) I created the following:

The colors are a little washed out in the Texas sunshine so I think it should do the trick. If it becomes a drag around blanket it should be pretty sturdy as I quilted the heck out of it. In total it is about 24" x 24" and I embroidered her name on one of the houses. I hope they like it and that little baby Elianna uses it in good health.

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet baby. The blanket is lovely and will be enjoyed by baby and mama alike.