Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Off the needles

I have been trying to improve my knitting skills by working on a simple sweater. I just fnished what was called the Ballet Camisole on Ravelry here. There are a couple of weird spots... like 15 purls when there should have been knits on one row and seed stitch rather than ribbing for the bottom... but, overall I am pleased with it.
I made the 42" bust size and it actually fits. I used Hempathy yarn so all the stretchiness is from the knitting rather than the yarn itself. I ended up with about 2 1/2 balls left over so I am now working on a scarf with a lot of fringe. I don't think I will wear it as a stand alone garment, but more as a vest which should work well with the cooler weather coming. I will not be doing the little gathering detail between the boobs bacause I don' think I want it that fitted as a vest.

I must admit that I very pleased with this project and I hope that young children will not run screaming from me in horror when I finally wear it in public. Of course, I will need to get all those ends tied off before then!

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