Sunday, October 26, 2008

Heather Fish Studio

One of my favorite people on the web has just opened her own web based business. You may remember the car carrier I made for her or the Easter Egg bag I sent her for her daughter. Now she has taken her sewing skills and branched out so that her wonderful creations are now available for purchase here. She has mad skills and a great eye for combining fabrics. Instead of making it yourself and not being completely happy with the outcome, buy from Heather Fish Studio. I've got a feeling I may become a regular cutomers. Enjoy!


mamalife said...

Thank you! Thank you!! Guess what - one of your readers is my first sale on my site!! I'm so excited!!!!

Alice said...

OMG! who was it? Congratulations!

mamalife said...

JW from Canada... as she is one of your fellow Canadians, I'm assuming she is a friend or family? It went off in the mail yesterday and I hope she loves it! ... and how funny that the word verification for this post is "guess" as you are trying to guess who was my first sale! My second sale is to a co-worker who has been admiring my water bottle holders - she is buying one standard & I'm making a custom in a different size for her Nalgene sports bottle.