Wednesday, October 1, 2008


After a death in the family there is usually a long, protracted period of distributing family heirlooms as well as the valuables. In my Dad's case, most of the distribution occurred prior to his death as we cleared out his apartments in Florida and Canada. Those things that were most precious to him, and that could be used by him in his new enviroment, were put in storage for him but there was much that just couldn't be accomodated in his new 8' x 10' room.

One of the items I ended up with was a small leather case that held his tuxedo studs and some cuff links. I ended up with these primarily as my son sometimes has need of studs for his job. While sorting through them the other day I realised there were three sets of cufflinks and two collar studs that really didn't belong with the tuxedo studs. I have decided to distribute them among the five men in the immeadiate family. Instead of just tossing them in the mail I made up some experiments in packaging that will hold the items until I can get them mailed/delivered. Here's what I came up with:

The zipper cases hold cufflinks while the little foldovers hold the collar studs. Since I was making three zipper cases, I decided to experiment with inserting zippers. The top one used a zipper with fabric extenders, the second case used a zipper in my traditional way of sew-it-in-and-make-it-work, while the third one was a sample of neatly folding in the zipper as I was sewing. The top one is really the best solution and, if the case had been an inch or so wider would have clearly demonstrated the best way to put a zipper in a pencil case. The little foldover cases were adapted from the baked potato pouch of a month or so ago.

Why use the dog bone fabric? Well, it was on the top of the stash and, aren't all men dogs any way?


mamalife said...

LOL! Too funny! And, yes, rather true...

ODG said...

Oh, really... =p