Saturday, September 27, 2008

Operation Care Package - Update

What happens when you have two very different sewers on a mission? One of them slaps two pieces of fabric together and eyeballs the width of the seam allowance. The other matches seams carefully, pins then sews. Bring these skill sets together and you too can make a difference by stitching 50 stockngs together for Operation Care Package. Today we had our sew-in for the Christmas Stocking to be used as packaging for sending Holiday cheer to our troops overseas.

As a sew-in with lots of attendees busily sewing away, vying for door prizes and munching on lots of home-baked goodness it was a flop. Some how we had missed the fact that a hurricane would devastate our area when planning this event. We decided to keep the date and time and if no-one else showed up we would work on our own. So the indomitable Ms. S. and I cut, sewed, ate and chatted for about five hours today and this is what we came up with:
The careful sewer arranged them by the fabrics we used. The slap'n'sew sewer envisaged a huge pile of them on the floor for this photo. Can you guess which sewer I am?

Although there were only two of us, we managed to effectvely take up most of the room at the local community center.
We did get one visitor who stopped by to pick-up a patten. She has assured us that more stockings would be coming from her. Several individuals have also indicated that they would be doing some for us to be included in our shipment to Joliet on October 16th. Both of us are still culling our stash for more fabric ideas so there will be more from us as well. The project won't stop until we do the final mailing and 50 may become 100, my goal for today's work.

Hey, you never know!

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Lady Lindsey said...

Your efforts are not forgotten. Thank you for your time and effort, it may become infectious and others of us may join you in future sew-ins. Lady Lindsey