Saturday, September 13, 2008

John and Ike

I have not been blogging this week and may not be able for another week or so but I thought I would update you on what's happening.

Last Friday, September 5, in the morning, my Father died unexpectedly in his long term carm home in Canada. Athough he had been quite ill for more than a year, my brothers and I did not anticipate his passing for a couple of more years. He died while in his wheelchair, reading a book in the sunshine coming into his window. He went the way most of us would prefer but it was quite a shock to our systems. Technology has become so pervasive in our lives, my Dad now has a web page. Will wonders never cease!

Needless to say, I have been away from home dealing with what needed to be done so I have missed the brunt of Ike. It appears that Ike strolled right through my neighbohood and has knocked over a lot of trees and cut power to the area. I will be trying to get home to see if there is any damage to my home but I have already heard that a friend and her family in the neighborhood are safe although the roads are completly clogged with tree debris. Alex and the girls are being housed by two different sets of friends... the girls with my son's girlfriend's sister in the historic Montrose district and Alex by Paul's boss in Spring. We've heard from the sister that they are out of power, that the roof is leaking but that they are all safe. We have been unable to get in contact with Alex's caregivers. I hope they have managed to weather the storm with little damage as well.

Power may be out in my area for three weeks or more but I am hopeful we are only talking four days like it was after Rita.

I have watching live video feeds from local TV stations all night and most of the day and my heart is going out to all those who have been trapped through no fault of their own. For the fools who would not evacuate, especially those who wanted to be rescued from the Galveston fishing pier, I have no sympathy. Lets all hope that the number of people hurt by the storm remains low and that the damage is really not as bad as it looks.

John and Ike, two names that will be forever tied together for me.

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mamalife said...

Alice, I am so glad you posted. I have been worried about you with Ike. Hopefully you will arrive home to find power back on and minimal or no damage. I am so sorry also for the loss of your father. Good luck with everything you are dealing with right now.