Friday, August 29, 2008

Trouble Over

The floor is completely installed and I really do love it. The flooring I chose is very rustic looking and should hide any problems that may come up with wear and tear. Heck, you can even see the pretend floor sander marks that I had on the floor of a 100+ year old house I owned may years ago. I have not moved back in all the furniture yet as I think I need to re-paint the trim. No matter how careful you are with this kind of installation you will get nicks and rubs on the trim. That should not take too long and I hope to get it done this weekend. What do you think?Until my knees are ready for the trim painting, I will be making Morsbags for Sew Crafty Houston to give away. There is a different 'Craft for a Cause' every month and these bags are ideal for using up spare fat quaters. This is an easy sew and the instructions are by someone who knows how to sew. I happen to have a lot of Texas themed fabric just looking for a new purpose than sitting in my stash.

Have a great weekend!!


mamalife said...

Very nice! I've always liked wood floors.

Junie Moon said...

Your new floor looks wonderful. And thank you for the link about the charitable craft project; I'll pop over and see what I can do to help. I try to do as many charitable projects as possible.