Thursday, August 7, 2008

Home Sweet Home

For those of you who have read this blog or have heard my dog stories, know that the dogs live in my master bathroom when I am out of the house or at night. I primarily restrict them them to the bathroom because I am very allergic to them and I don't completly trust them (expecially Alex) to not get into trouble while I am away. A friend recently thought it sounded cruel to leave them in the bathroom so today I'd thought I would give you a view of their accomadations.

The puppies primarily stay in my bathtoub. It is a large 'garden tub', with jacuzzi jets (rarely used) and a large window that looks out on a bunch of ginger plants. They don't huddle on the bare porcelain but there are layers of luxury. The first layer is made up of two dog beds. There are two as I couldn't find one large enough for the tub. I had made the girls a custom made bed but Alex kept peeing on it so I eventully discarded it. The beds are from Walgreens where they sell them for $10.00. All of the dog beds I have tried end up in the trash as Kelis and Kimora eventually destroy them by ripping large holes in the beds.
The next layer is a queen size quilt I made several years ago. This seems to be the quilt that Alex likes the most and he usually makes a little nest in it.
The final layer is a king size quilt I made years ago with flannel as the backing. The girls seems to prefer this quilt and the two make a nest in it and sleep curled up around each other and under the quilt.
Since they are all away this week, I had the opportunity to wash all their bedding. I found a couple of holes in one of the dog beds and one of the quilts had the binding chewed off on one side. I took the opportunity to repair their bedding as well as washing it. One thing that always surprises me is that their bedding always smells of, to be frank, poop but there is none in the bedding. I must have the most gassy dogs in the country - another reason not to have them sleep with me!
BTW - when they are not sleeping in the tub they are on the window ledge barking at every passing leaf or the meter readers. The window is always covered with nose prints evn though I clean it almost daily. Then again, any window they can get to is covered with nose prints... the dining room, the sewing room (from standing on the back of a couch), the doggy door and all the interior windows of the car. I guess that is the price of dog loads of wndow cleaner!

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Anonymous said...

Alice, you pamper your pooches! There's nothing wrong with restricting them to the bathroom during the day. It's certainly better than locking them in kennels all day. You provide comfort and they have a window for entertainment.