Wednesday, July 23, 2008

300 Posts!

This is my 300th post since beginning this blog. In one sense, it feels like a lot of work ... 300 mini essays on stuff... while, in another sense, it feels very ordinary... just another part of my day. When I started this I said that a day with creativity is a day worth documenting. In so many ways that remains true today. Without this record I could never have imagined that I had a creative bone in my body and, the revelation to me, is that I LOVE sharing my ideas and inpsiring others to try out new things.

I see that my readership has gone up to about 35 people a day. I have no idea who most of you are but I seem to have regulars from every continent. I expected to have readership from friends and family in the US and Canada but imagine my surprise when I discovered that I also seem to have people regularly stopping by from Norway, South Africa, Austrailia, Great Britain, Argentina and many points in between. Do I say anything interesting to the person up on Hudson's Bay or was that just a random hit? Will the person in Turkey be inspired to try some of my experiments in doll quilt making? Is my use of the English language too complex for the person in Norway or too simplistic for the person India?

I don't know. (comments are always welcome!)

I do know that I love the technology that allows all of us to share our thoughts and projects. I know we may not solve world hunger or bring world peace but, in a small way, this technology brings us all a little bit closer. If this blog can bring a little beauty or laughter into your world then that is a good start.

So here's to you, faithful reader. Go make something and bring a smile to someone's world.

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Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed watching and reading all the wonderful things that you have been creating, the doggies gowing up, etc. It is a wonderful way to see what you are doing - looking forward to 300 more!