Saturday, October 20, 2007

Challenge Project

The Seams Possible Neighborhood group of the Houston ASG has a challenge for next year. The organizers handed out little CD envelopes with three things in them - a paint chip, a sample of a stitch and the name of an old movie. The challenge is to take these three inspirations and create a project that incoporates them. Not too tough, right? Well, here are my three design elements -
The blue is the envelope the pieces came in. The paint chip looks Mauve to me or a dusty Rose color. The stitch looks like a standard utility stitch. BUT the movie... Sergeant York, from 1941... that could be a problem. The movie is based on the diaries of Alvin York, a Tennesse hillbilly, sharpshooter, pacificst who becomes one of the most decorated American heroes of WWI when he single-handedly attacks and captures a German position using the same strategy as in a turkey shoot. The real York chose Gary Cooper to play him and Cooper won an Oscar for his acting skill. I have no idea how to incorporate all these elements into a project but it must have been fate that gave me this particular challenge as I received it just after visiting Hobby Lobby and picking up this clearance fabric -

Looks pretty good doesn't it? As I have seven yards of this thirty inch wide fabric I certainly have enough to execute any design but Gary Cooper in Rose... I don't think so... maybe a military style jacket and match up the stipes or a knapsack or 'go to meeting' type dress or.... I don't know but ideas are always welcome. Fortunately I have a few months to figure it out.

Wish me luck!

BTW - while I wrote this I was watching Happy Feet on HBO. What a delghtful movie! Great music and a wonderful 'ugly duckiling' type plot line. Watch when you need a good smile.

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