Saturday, August 18, 2007

Japanese Textiles

I mentioned last week that the local ASG chapter hosted a day with Carol Lane Saber. During the morning Carol gave us a trunk show of various types of Japanese textiles and garments that she and her husband have collected on their many trips to Japan. Some of the items had never been out of her home before and they were truly remarkable. She also shared with us her collection of Kimono and the garments she had created for the International Quilt Festival Fashion Show. In the afternoon she gave us a taste of the various workshops she gives on things like shibori, which is a dying technique that uses teeny, tiny knots to create intricate patterns on the fabric and fabric origami where fabric is folded to create texture and patterns.

In addition to sharing her collection, Carol and her husband brought some wonderful things to sell. For sale there was an incredible amount of silk and cotton fabrics, buttons, and tapestries as well as many table runners and other ready-to-use articles. I did a little shopping and ended up with these silk pieces (on the left) and an eight foot long table runner in gold, red and black. I may over dye the silks to bring them all into a compatable color range but the table runner is perfect for my newly cleaned off dining room table and will complement the Japanese wood block prints I have in there.

I think I said before that you would jealous of my purchases. Are you? Now I wish I have bought more silk pieces. There is always next time!

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