Friday, August 10, 2007

Coral Swing Jacket

Tomorrow is a special day for the Houston Chapter of the American Sewing Guild. Carol Lane Saber ( ) will be giving us a full day of trunk show and creative inspiration. I am looking forward to it as she is supposed to be a fabulous teacher and she has a huge stock of Japanese and Japanese inspired textiles. As with all ASG events, my thoughts turned to what I should wear and whether I should make something. l didn't want make anything but I had been experimenting with an applique design in white on a scrap of coral linen. It came out very nicely so I went looking for a pattern for the rest of the coral linen. Here is what I came up with based on Vogue's pattern number 8088 designed by Marci Tilton. Note: that Alex is sunning in the background.
The original applique:
Three pieces for the right shoulder:
I also embroidered a couple of the flowers on the cuffs:
I may not add the extra applique pieces and I may add some additional rows of squiggly topstitching but that's all I can think of to finish off this project. Now what will I do with the leftovers?
Just watch though... I'll wake up in the morning, spill my coffee all over it and end up taking an old sweater to the event. I'll let you know.
Have a good weekend!

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