Sunday, July 8, 2007


Although my intentions were to try out a couple of patterns from the bend-the-rules sewing book, I realized that I still had to complete the hospital gowns for the ASG charity sewing project for the conference this year in Sacremento. I had cut out 16 gowns from teeny tiny to big enough for me ,from stash fabrics, and they allneeded tobe sewn. All the seams had to be finished to the outside of the garments so I serged all of them and secured them to the garments using my double needle. It was a lot of fun to use the double needle as I would have traditionally sewn each seam twice but the double needle made it go twice as fast ... glad I finally used it after ignoring it for for many months/years.
I tried to use really bright fabrics even though these will be washed many times and will bleach out over time. Above is the pile on my bed with my favorite one on top. It is one of the smaller ones and I lucked out in finding the border print in my stash. They are now off to be washed before I drop them off for shipping with all the other pieces produced by others in the Houston Chapter. I hope the kids like them.
Now, my next dilemma is what to do with all the leftovers.
RAIN UPDATE: My area went about 16 hours without any rain ending today at about 4:30 PM. That did not deter the dogs from finding wet patches in the lawn and getting covered with mud. I changed my clothes three times yesterday when it rain on and off most of the day, and twice today because of all the mud they distributed on me. They have also had a couple of baths but it just became too much to try to keep up with the mess. Maybe tomorrow.

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mamalife said...

What a wonderful hospital gown... I love the fabrics, very Florida :)