Thursday, July 19, 2007

Embroidery Leftovers

When I got the new sewing machine I knew I would have a lot of samples/experiments to contend with. Very organized people will take their embroidered samples, put them in a notebook and attach a detailed listing of all the settings used to embroider that particular sample. I am not that orgainzed nor do I think I would ever wish to exactly duplicate these samples in a 'good' project. Instead, I have taken my old oxford cloth shirt doodle cloth and made myself a yarn barn for when I am knitting. The whole thing ended up to be about 9 inches high and 4 1/2 inches square. The lid closes using Velcro and the stiffener in the side walls is some scrap Timtex I had been saving. It should hold the yarn for most projects. The knitting shown there is part of the arm I have been working on which is done in a great cotton blend called Bubble. The picture on the right shows the interior, lined with some lovely silky fabric I would probably never use, and holding three balls of Bubble. It does look like toilet paper but it is really yarn. Maybe I'll take my next doodle cloth and make it into a toilet paper container... Oh the possibilities!

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Bristolcare said...

you could get a patent on these and market them, all from you bits and pieces! lol